Summary in English

Lundbergs Fastigheter is one of the major private real estate owners in Sweden, with about SEK 24 billion in property value. The business concept is to engage in the long-term ownership, management and development of residential and commercial properties. In recent years, the operations have developed through active management, acquisitions and new-build projects.

Lundbergs Fastigheter operates in ten cities in Sweden, from Stockholm in the east to Gothenburg in the west. The real estate portfolio, which the company has largely built up itself, consists of about one million square meters of leasable area across 132 properties. The space consists of about 50% residential units and the rest is commercial premises – mainly office and retail space, but also educational facilities, gyms, movie theaters, warehouses and industrial premises.


Lundbergs Fastigheter has some 150 employees. As an employer, the company aims to provide a safe work environment and a good working atmosphere where employees experience satisfaction and professional development. Everyday management, rental activities and property upkeep are handled locally in the respective market areas by a distinctly decentralized, customer-focused organization. All of the central resources that support the operational activities are located in the Norrköping headquarters. The members of the Executive Management Team consist of the President and CEO, the Executive Vice President, who is also Head of Rental and Property Administration, Regional Manager Stockholm, who is also Head of Sustainability, Regional Manager East, who is also Head of Business Development, Regional Manager West, the Chief Accountant, the Head of Human Resources, the Head of Property Development and the Market and Communication Manager.


The company’s operational activities are divided into three regions: The Stockholm Region comprises Stockholm/Solna, where the property portfolio mainly consists of commercial premises, as well as management units in Södertälje and Eskilstuna, which largely consist of residential units. The West region comprises Arvika, Gothenburg, Karlstad and Örebro. The property portfolio in Gothenburg essentially comprises offices, while the remainder of the region largely consists of residential units. The East Region comprises Jönköping, Linköping and Norrköping, where the portfolio consists of both residential units and offices, as well as the largest part of the company’s retail properties. Long-term value creation forms the core – and is the objective – of Lundbergs Fastigheter. By developing attractive and sustainable urban environments where people want to live, work and enrich their leisure time, the company adds value for both customers and the city. Leasing operations are divided into the three segments: residential, offices, and retail and meeting places.


Lundbergs Fastigheter develops and offers residential units that facilitate simple and secure living. The company’s residential units maintains a high level of quality, largely thanks to systematic management carried out close to the tenants. Lundbergs Fastigheter places considerable focus on being receptive and maintaining a good dialogue with its tenants. Year after year, the operations achieve highly favorable results in the AktivBo customer survey, and Lundbergs Fastigheter is very well liked as a landlord. Good property maintenance requires that the properties are subject to a high standard of care and that the condition of the properties are monitored. To ensure that the properties are sustainable in the long term, regular renovation, refurbishment and extension work is conducted, known as ROT projects. In recent years, Lundbergs Fastigheter has invested heavily in new construction; in total, the company built 881 new rental apartments between 2014 and 2019. An additional 237 apartments in Södra Ekkällan in Linköping will be completed in 2020. The rental rate for residential units is highly favorable.


Lundbergs Fastigheter develops and offers offices that help companies and employees to achieve their goals. Long-term tenant relationships are created through high service levels and personal meetings, thus increasing awareness of the tenants’ needs and wishes. By gathering information about and understanding the tenants’ operations, Lundbergs Fastigheter can offer solutions that are optimized for the customers’ requirements and that give the tenant security, comfort and a good work environment – in both the short and the long term. Demand for both newly constructed and existing office premises is high in our market areas, which has led to rent increases and lower vacancies. The trend is especially strong in Stockholm and Gothenburg, but other cities are also seeing a positive rental trend. In 2019, the first sod was turned for our largest office building project ever – the LINK Business Center in Linköping.

Retail and Meeting places

Lundbergs Fastigheter develops and offers retail premises and meeting places that enrich people’s lives and ensure a vibrant city environment. The company has retail premises in all of its market areas, although the main emphasis is on Norrköping, Linköping and Jönköping. While the trend for shopping malls and other central locations is favorable, consumer behavior is changing rapidly for reasons including digitization and maturing online shopping. A major focus is on business development and new business models, to be able to offer a customer journey that will also attract the end consumers of the tomorrow – work that is being conducted in cooperation with tenants, business partners and other players. Lundbergs Fastigheter assumes an active position and responsibility for being involved in the development of the attractive city centers of the future, featuring retail premises and meeting places where people flourish and want to spend time.