Location is crucial, especially when it comes to retail. Lundbergs Fastigheter provides unique retail space in city locations. In the middle of the Nordic triangle. In the middle of the city. Close to people. And close to opportunities.



Lundbergs Fastigheter is developing the city center in Norrköping and owns and manages several large properties in the heart of the city, including the Linden and Spiralen shopping centers, as well as the Lyckakvarteren. There are more than 140 stores here, for interior decoration, leisure, fashion and sports. In addition, there are 2,000 parking spaces in close proximity.

The Linden and Spiralen shopping centers and Lyckankvarteren comprise the city of Norrköping itself – and the heart. Together, these blocks account for a large proportion of Norrköping’s shopping offering and it is the obvious choice for shopping, entertainment and leisure interests.




In Linköping, there is a wide range of stores and restaurants for all tastes and close proximity to everything. The street life is mainly concentrated to the three squares, Stora Torget, Trädgårdstorget and Lilla Torget, as well as the pedestrian streets in between. Since Stora Torget has a large number of attractive restaurants, most retail occurs at Lilla Torget. Here, in the middle of the city, there is Galleria Gränden – with the best retail location in central Linköping – and, naturally, the popular Gyllen close by.


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